Homey Coffee

Farm to cup.


Homey coffee is a network of coffee producers from the Serra da Canastra circuit and region located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Homey Coffee was established to enable local producers to come together and support each other in improving their methods of production to bring the very best coffee from their farms to your cup.

The idea of working with specialty coffee producers in Serra da Canastra came in 2013 when cousins Paulo Henrique Almeida Guerra, Flavia de Melo Dewey and Fernanda de Melo started to research diferent varieties and techniques of processing coffee. They also realized the importance of bringing the roasters and the consumers closer to the producers in order to have a better understanding of the coffee’s origins . In 2016, in partnership with Armazens Gerais Bom Sucesso, a coffee warehouse managed by his father Luis Claudio de Melo Guerra, Paulo Henrique started to source and engage local farmers who have great passion and potential to produce very high-quality coffee. Homey Coffee was born in July 2017 out of the family’s dream and enthusiasm to bring the best coffee from Serra da Canastra to the world, while empowering local producers.