Grower: Elisa Almeida Guerra Carvalho

Farm: Água Limpa

Location: Piumhi, Minas Gerais, Brazil



Elisa Almeida Guerra Carvalho Graduated in Business Administration and always shared the same passion for coffee that runs in the family through her father Luis Cláudio and her grandfather Wander Guerra. She also found her purpose in life in agriculture and is the third generation of the family in the coffee business. A mother of two little girls, she plays a pivotal role in the family business, managing all the finances, contracts and investments, along with managing her own farm. This shows the women can also have great power and importance in agriculture. Her husband Juliano Silveira de Carvalho is a Q-Grader at Armazens Gerais Bom Sucesso and is responsible for the coffee quality and standards.

Varieties: Catuaí 99, Catucaí 62, Catucaí, Mundo Novo, Arapongas, Sabiá

Altitude: 850 metros

Processing: Fully Washed and Natural