Armazéns Gerais Bom Sucesso        

In the year 2000, the owners of Armazéns Gerais Bom Sucesso identified the producers´ demand for a transparent service that would ensure the security and sustainability of the coffee beans storage and distribuition. They began a journey that lasted 10 years and provided essential experience and know how with which they founded Bom Sucesso Armazéns Gerais in 2011. Today, Luís Cláudio de Melo Guerra and Aylton de Melo Guerra are two of the most respected names in the Brazilian coffee market with over 20 years of working in the sector. 



The warehouse contains cutting edge equipment and an automated service that allows for the optimization of the space and provides the producers with the exact location of their coffee at all times. It has a complete laboratory with advanced technology and specialized training to enable grain evaluation of the highest standard. Juliano Silveira de Carvalho is the warehouse Q-Grader and is in charge of the quality control of the coffee beans stored at the facilities.