Do you know from where comes your coffee? Many people don’t know of where the second most consumed drink in the world comes from, but should do. The local and the altitude where the coffee is produced may tell a lot about this drink we love so much, but why?

A high elevation in the field of the coffee production make a wide difference, its variation results in many types of coffee, and therefore the producer is keen to check out these modifications with the purpose to always develop a higher quality product. This is due to the variation of temperature that the height allows, the higher, the colder. It is known that weather variation influence directly in the final product of the crop. But how is it in practice?

In a general way, the coffee produced in elevated areas are tasty, aromatic and resistant. Furthermore, the ones that are produced at lower areas doesn’t have an outstanding taste, being overly soft. And where does Homey Coffee comes from? Always thinking about the quality of the final product, the cradle of homey coffee has already a successful record.

The coffee production is located in the Serra da Canastra region, interior of Minas Gerais, a place where 7 nearby cities produce 600 thousand bags of coffee a year. Situated to the west of Minas, this region is recognized for its productivity, and mainly, its quality.

The choose of Serra da Canastra for the Homey Coffee occurred thinking about all care needed when it comes to produce a good coffee. Its elevated height (between 850 to 1200 meters) makes minimal the variation of temperature between planting, facilitating the uniform growth of the beans. The farms where the seedlings are cultivated and cared goes beyond the needed quality for a good coffee: they have their own story, you may read at ease here. It is not in vain that Minas Gerais is the state that more produces Arabica coffee in Brazil, being recognized by the excellence in coffee cultivation and passion for the drink.

It is possible to say that the Homey has a combination which brings together the perfect place, good care and people who loves all the process that coffee is involved, since seedlings to the harvest. It can also be said that a good cultivation and a proper handling are the purpose of the difference in the final product, that’s why Homey Coffee continues to produce with great appreciation, from farm to cup.