Origin coffee are beans that comes from the same planting of the farm. They have the same level of a pure malt beer, it means, there is nothing but coffee in its composition and production, because its particularities will not be mistaken or blended with external factors, since everything has the same origin. The origin coffee is highly valued, because bring in itself the individual characteristics of the processing and terroir, which makes easier to recognize its precedence and quality.

Coffees with the same origin are more easy to perceive its assigned grades such as flavor, fragrance, sweetness, among others: Its acidity, body, mouthfeel and aftertaste. These are the main characteristics to evaluation of the coffee and also the distinction of a special one from commercial coffees in general. Essentially because of these particularities is that the special coffee has been doing such success in the whole world, anyway it is not an ordinary drink, each origin and care in the process results in a different experience to the one who consumes it.

Another successful attractive point of the origin coffee are the visits that cafe owners, special coffee lovers and toasters started to make to the farms where the coffee is produced. Quite often is necessary to travel to another continent, in small villages in the interior of any country, only thus people are able to understand and experience the history of the coffee and also the history of those who are responsible for every step before being savored. Above all, coffee has been approaching people, connecting the realities and heating their hearts. It is a relationship that breed more confidence between the two sides, decreasing all the bureaucracy in sales and purchasing transactions in large scales.

By the way, the farms that produces Homey Coffee placed at Serra da Canastra, Brazil, are also very famous by the cheese produced in there, their doors are open for those who have the will to get to know deeper about our history and our people who works everyday with very dedication and affection so that the coffee you see in your cup be a great experience for your palate.

The movement of the third wave of coffee grows exponentially, since the cafes, baristas and producers established a closer relationship with the final consumer that charges more quality and transparency about the product they’re consuming. That’s why coffee can’t be classified as a common drink with low engagement degree. Coffee has become a lifestyle and requires a high quality to satisfy all its lovers.